VisaEase - Installation Guide

Installation Guide - ClickOnce Deployment

The Visa Ease installation must be performed on each workstation that requires access to the tool.
1. Go to Click the Integrator Install link.

Important note: Galileo Desktop / Smartpoint users, please ensure Galileo Desktop / Smartpoint is closed before running the installation file.

You might get a security warning, click Run if prompted

Click Next

Tick radio button to agree to the terms of the licence agreement. Click Next.

Tick the appropriate box to select if you are an Amadeus, Sabre or Galileo user - tick all appropriate boxes

Navitas VisaEase will be automatically installed under C:\Navitas. Click Next.

The installation will then complete and you will receive a success prompt. Click Finish to exit the installation process.

Adding a Toolbar Button - Amadeus users

A request needs to be sent through to your Amadeus Account Manager to request a button be added on to Selling Platform Classic toolbar or an item in the script drop down menu for Selling Platform Connect to launch the application.

Adding a Toolbar Button - Sabre users

To add a toolbar to Sabre Red for launching the Expedia Integrator, follow the steps below:

Select Tools > Agency Applications > Configure Agency Applications
On the Options screen, click the 'Add' button
Configure the Name and Path of the file using the following:
Name: VisaEase
Path: c:\navitas\Navitas VisaEase.appref-ms

Travelport Users

Travelport users: if this is your first installation of Navitas tools, or you are installing on a new workstation then you will also need to install our "Pre Requisites" files.
Go to and run the installation file.

Smartpoint Quick Command

If you want to create a Smartpoint Quick Command then; 
1. Click on TOOLS in the Smartpoint toolbar
2. Select QuickCommands then Configuration…

3. Select ADD (blue button) 
4. Complete the screens as above: 
APP : c:\Navitas\Navitas VisaEase.appref-ms

Click Save

Installation Guide - Citrix / Terminal Services Environments

Using Internet Explorer, navigate to
Scroll down to the DOWNLOADS tab and select the 'Citrix XCopy' link to download the ZIP file.

You must mark the download ZIP file as safe BEFORE extracting the contents, so right click on the ZIP file and select PROPERTIES from the menu.
Select the 'Unblock' check box below the advance button, and click Apply.
Expand the contents of the ZIP file into the recommended c:\navitas\NavitasVisaEase directory on your server(s).
NOTE: You can choose a different directory if required, but is must be physically on the server where .net 4.6.2 is installed
Configuring the Start Menu
Once copied, configure the Start Menu with a shortcut to the C:\navitas\NavitasVisaEase\NavitasVisaEase.exe file. If the solution is being tested by a select group of users, then please only make the shortcut available to the individual users. Please see the relevant Appendix to also configure the GDS Toolbar button required to launch the application.
Initiating a ‘First Run’
Due to further limitations with Citrix environments, and as the solution makes use of .net and WPF technologies, the application must be run at least once, by an administrator, on the server. To do this, launch and sign in to the GDS to be used. Double click the c:\navitas\NavitasViasEase\NavitasVisaEase.exe file so that it is compiled and launches. Once the interface has appeared on screen it can be closed.

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